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  • “Everyone at Anderson Dental treated me with the utmost kindness and support throughout my Invisalign process. I so appreciate all the suggestions and processes to make my one of my dreams come true.

    Thank You!”

    -Sheila Hurst

  • “For the unpleasant task of teeth maintenance and repair, Drs. Chuck, Kathy, Pat, and staff are the best! They are a pleasant, caring, knowledgeable, and professional staff. In the 16+ years that they have been our dentists, we would recommend their services to friends and relatives. They brighten our smile and will yours also.

    Thank you Drs. and staff. You are awesome!”

    -Jerry & Rolleen H.

  • “If you have any anxiety over dental work, this sedation is the right course! After several bad dental experiences that nearly left me phobic, I finally found the answer with sedation. I remember arriving and remember leaving…that’s it! If only this option had been available years ago, I would have opted to ‘fix it’ instead of ‘pull it!’ Thank you Anderson Dental for a long-awaited good dental experience!”

    -Bailie B.

  • “I had dental work done today by Dr. Pat at Anderson Dental. The sedation dentistry is amazing! It was pain free and I had no anxiety. Without the sedation dentistry, I would have had to endure multiple appointments at another dentist in order to have all the dental work done that I had today. The staff is great and very friendly. I went to an evaluation appointment explaining the dental work that I needed done. The staff and Dr. Pat were very easy to work with. I was informed about every aspect of treatment, from the exam process right through to the dental work I had done today. I knew the cost of what I needed to have done, what insurance would pay and what I would be responsible for paying before any dental work was done. I was able to choose what dental work I wanted done at this time. At Anderson Dental, they take care of you as a person, not just teeth. I will never go anywhere else. I am so happy about how my teeth look and feel! I’m in my 50’s and I’ve NEVER had a pain free, anxiety free experience at a dentist’s office until I went to Anderson Dental. Thank you Dr. Pat and your great staff!”

    -Ronette S.

  • “I have to say that I have been tremendously impressed with your customer service. You are all very busy, yet still flexible and understanding when I’ve been late or postponed appointments. Everything is so tight and organized on the logistical side: reminders, follow-ups, etc. While at the office, everyone is so friendly and down-to-earth. Everyone is very genuine. If you don’t know something you are honest about that. You always talk me through what you are about to do, what is happening and what you are seeing. There is no up-selling or pressure. The other place I went would not leave me along about a mouth guard for when I sleep…over and over. I just get the feeling you are all really talented and busy (in a good way) people. Thanks again”

    -Jim C.

  • "Dr. Pat was amazing and made it as stress free as possible. I am still shocked at how much less horrible it was than I expected! It's a great feeling to know I'm in such good hands. You guys are life-savers - couldn't be more grateful I finally decided to take care of it and that you were who I was referred to! I have had exceptional service and support from each of you. I can't think of a single interaction that wasn't "above and beyond." I definitely hope not to have to see as much of you guys in the future, but am sure grateful for everything you've done."

    - Megan B.

  • “A feeling of fear and dread would overcome me just at the thought of my dentist appointments before sedation. With sedation, I felt no pain and heard no machines. I did have to sleep the rest of the day, but it was worth not having to go through all the stress of thinking about going to the dentist!”

    -Vonnie S.

  • “I never would have believed that having a root canal could be painless. Not only during the surgery, but the day following also. It was virtually pain-free. I would suggest this type of sedation to anyone."

    -Jerry C.

  • “The employees were all friendly. They explained thoroughly what would happen and made me feel at ease.”

    -Kristi H.

  • “Thank you Anderson Dental for taking time out of your busy schedule to clean my teeth and do a filling for me! It was greatly appreciated because I traveled all the way from Rapid City just to see you guys. You do a very good job! Thanks again!”

    -Sandra R.

  • "I wish I had this type of experience years ago! I have tried to hide my teeth for so long because I was so embarrassed by how they looked, but was too embarrassed as time went by to go to a dentist. Everyone in the office at Anderson Dental was terrific - I was put at ease. I didn't get a lecture, and the sedation was wonderful. I had dental work done that should have been done years ago. I will now keep regular appointments. Thank you all so much!"

    - Mary L.

  • "Dr. Anderson & their team did not make me feel uncomfortable about the condition my teeth were in. I knew that I had several cavities & needed work done on my teeth & they were helpful in getting everything set up to get the work done ASAP instead of lecturing me about what I've done wrong in the past. Most people know that their teeth need work & I know a lot of them who will not go to the dentist because the dentist makes them feel like they are in trouble. Dr. Anderson helped me start in a new direction to get my teeth healthier!

    - Mandie S.

  • "The best dental experience I have ever had. Everyone was really helpful and nice. I will never get dental work done again without sedation!"

    - Andy R.

  • "When I heard the advertisement for sedation dentistry,  I knew it was time to return to Dr. Anderson and get back on track with my dental health. And sedation dentistry was the right answer for me! The work was completed before I was even aware of it. I trust the doctors and staff at Anderson Dental, so I didn't experience any apprehension about being sedated. I would do it again in a heartbeat!"

    - Melinda H.

  • My husband and I began our "it's time to take care of our teeth" journey with Anderson Dental in the mid-90's. From then to now, we have had extensive work done on our teeth and in all that time, never once have we had a complaint. EVERYONE (write that in all 'caps' - it's a dental pun!) from the receptionists, officer manager, hygienists and of course all three Doctors Anderson are super people; professional, caring, concerned for their patient's welfare and in such a warm, friendly atmosphere. We would whole heartedly recommend Anderson Dental to anyone needing any kind of dental procedure!

    - Rita & Aaron E.

  • The front desk staff makes you feel comfortable and the doctors and nurses did an amazing job. The cleaning made my teeth look like new. What a great experience and staff. Thank you!

    - John R.

  • The women at the front desk were both kind and helpful. They helped with everything from paperwork to wheeling me out to my car after being under anesthesia for getting a tooth pulled. The dentist himself was funny, intelligent, and made me feel very relaxed and safe. Their pricing was fair, their office was clean and professional in appearance, and their staff was wonderful. I will never go anywhere else for my dental needs and feel like I'm part of the Anderson Dental family!

    - Stephen J.

  • I absolutely hate going to the dentist but these guys take special care to make me feel at ease and are very careful not to cause my super sensitive teeth any pain. They are awesome!

    - Jasmine E.

  • I had a large amount of work done yesterday. The staff was awesome, the work was awesome and the best part is I don't remember anything! Thanks for a great experience, I will be back!!

    - T.J. G.

  • Everybody at Anderson Dental was so pleasant and took time out to explain what was going to go on. The sedation for me was the only way to go, as I am very nervous when it comes to getting my teeth worked on. So to Dr. Anderson and staff, I truly commend you on your great work and you truly took the fear out of going to the dentist. Good work - I will recommend you to anybody who asks!

    - Geri G.

  • I had a lot of work to be done. Dr. Anderson and everyone involved with Anderson Dental were so helpful. This was my first experience with sedation and the procedure was explained so well. The feeling of personal care was fantastic. I am very grateful to every staff member at Anderson Dental!

    - Kimberly D.

  • Due to a bad experience at another office, I was afraid to go back. For me [sedation] is the only way I would have finally gotten back in the dentist chair. They treated me as an individual and took my experience seriously.

    - Chris J.

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